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Manila Clams (Ruditapes Philippinarum)

Manila Clams (Ruditapes Philippinarum)

Experience the Delight of French Manilla Clams


The culinary world has always celebrated the quality and  premium flavours of French seafood. Amongst these offerings are the Manilla Clams. Known for their rich flavours, these clams promise to elevate any dish they're a part of.


At The Shellfish Company, we're thrilled to bring you the very best shellfish France offers.


Why Choose Our Manilla Clams?


  • Origin: France
  • Sustainable Sourcing: Yes
  • Packaging Options: 25kg net sacs 
  • Availability: Please call us


Reach out to us today and discover the authentic taste of French seafood. Reach out to us and see how we can we can supply you the best of Irish Shellfish, only from The Shellfish Company Limited.

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