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Cockles (Cerostaderma Edule)
  • Cockles (Cerostaderma Edule)

    Discover the Finest Live Cockles


    Amongst the vast coasts of Europe, in particular the UK, France, and The Netherlands, are renowned for their vast marine life. Amongst this, cockles have become as a sought after delicacy, celebrated for their unique flavour. These small but flavourful shellfish are a favourite in many European dishes.


    At The Shellfish Company, our commitment to quality means sourcing only the best. And when it comes to French cockles, as well as British and Dutch Cockles, we've ensured every aspect of sourcing and delivery meets our high standards.


    Why Choose Our Cockles?

    • Origin: UK, France, and The Netherlands.
    • Sustainable Sourcing: Yes.
    • Packaging Options: 25kg net sacs.
    • Availability: June to April, with specific availability dependent on their origin.


    Get in touch with us. Our dedicated team is on hand to guide you through our offerings, ensuring you get nothing but the best.


    Ring us today and let's bring Europe's coastal treasures straight to your doorstep.

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