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Irish Flat Oysters (Ostrea Edule)
  • Irish Flat Oysters (Ostrea Edule)

    Discover Ireland's Ancient Flat Oysters


    Ireland, with its rich maritime history, has a longstanding tradition of oyster fishing. The flat oysters, also known as European oysters, have a legacy that can be traced back to Roman times. While they were once abundant across our shores, today's flat oyster stocks are reserved to a few select bays in the North and West of Ireland.


    At The Shellfish Company, we are committed to ensuring that our customers experience this age-old delicacy. Our oysters aren't just another seafood item; they represent a piece of Ireland's illustrious maritime history.


    Why Our Flat Oysters?


    • Origin: Ireland.
    • Sustainable Sourcing: Yes.
    • Packaging Options: 25Kg net sacs.
    • Availability: From September to February.


    Contact us. Our dedicated team is on hand to provide further information, update you on availability, and answer any questions you might have.


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