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Irish Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea Gigas)
  • Irish Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea Gigas)

    Discover Ireland's Pristine Gigas Oysters


    Ireland's history with the sea has given rise to an array of seafood, and among them, the Gigas or rock oysters have claimed their place. Introduced to Ireland in the 1970’s due to the decline in native oyster stocks, today, they dominate the shores and are a key component of Ireland's aquaculture.


    At The Shellfish Company, our commitment is to provide you with the finest Gigas oysters, reflecting the richness and depth of Ireland's maritime legacy. Their distinctive taste and texture have made them sought after, not just in Ireland but across the world.


    Why Our Gigas Oysters?


    • Origin: Ireland.
    • Grades: Standard: 50 – 140gm. Special: 50 – 140gm.
    • Packaging Options: 25Kg net sacs.
    • Availability: All year round.


    Contact us. Our dedicated team is at the ready to provide more information, update you on availability, and cater to any specific requirements you may have.


    Call us today and discover why our Gigas oysters are amongst the finest Ireland boasts.

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