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Live Irish Brown Crab (Cancer Pagurus)

Live Irish Brown Crab (Cancer Pagurus)

Dive into the World of Irish Brown Crab


Filled in the rich traditions of Ireland's heritage, the Irish Brown Crab, is a seafood lover's dream. These crabs, hailing from Ireland's pure and unpolluted waters, have become synonymous with quality and taste, capturing the hearts of gourmets across France and Spain.


Why Choose Our Irish Brown Crab?


  • Origin: Ireland
  • Sustainable Sourcing: Yes
  • Packaging Options: Shipped using a Vivier lorry
  • Availability: All year round


Boasting a rich brown hue with impressive claws, our crabs are much more than a culinary ingredient; they are a testament to seafood Ireland includes in it's rich marine tapestry.


Ready to embark on an unmatched culinary journey with Irish crab?

Reach out to us. Let's introduce your taste buds to the unparalleled allure of shellfish Ireland offers, brought to you by The Shellfish Company Limited.

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