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Live Irish Lobsters (Homarus Gammarus)

Live Irish Lobsters (Homarus Gammarus)

Discover Live Irish Lobsters


Stepping into the world of  Irish seafood, nothing compares to the luxury and taste of live Irish lobsters. Sourced from Ireland's clear, unpolluted waters, these lobsters are a testament to our commitment to the quality shellfish Ireland has to offer. Our state of the art Vivier lorry ensures they are transported seamlessly to our wholesale seafood partners in France and Spain, all while preserving their freshness and flavour.


Why Choose Our Lobsters?


Origin: Ireland

Sustainable Sourcing: Yes

Packaging Options: Shipped using a Vivier lorry

Availability: Please call for availability


Eager to get your hands on the unmatched flavours of Irish lobsters?


Reach out to us and see how we can we can supply you the best of Irish Shellfish, only from The Shellfish Company Limited.

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